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Two passengers claim airline ignored their pleas after sexual assault

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She was afraid and harassed, one of 16,000 in LA living in their cars. Then she found an unexpected refuge

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North Korea’s ‘Christmas gift’ could be a new anti-US hard-line policy, source says

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Klobuchar got to talk way more. Biden renewed his confidence. And Sanders seemed to have only one answer. These are Chris Cillizza’s picks.

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Australia swelters on its hottest day nationwide as wildfires rage — and temperatures are likely to rise even higher

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A porch pirate stole a package from a home, then threw shade with a snarky thank-you note

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Arrests of Brazilian migrants entering US illegally spiked in 2019 amid border surge

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‘Citgo 6’ moved into house arrest after more than two years of detention without trial

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Why Bravely Default II Will Be Infinitely Better Than Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Indian Government Retaliates Against Violent Protesters, Shuts Down Internet Again

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