Why Bravely Default II Will Be Infinitely Better Than Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Bravely Default II got a surprise announcement at The Game Awards last night. It will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in 2020. That’s great news for fans of the Final Fantasy series, who don’t have much to look forward to these days.

Bravely Default II Will Be Everything Final Fantasy Wishes It Could Be
No, I don’t mean any of you people that jumped in with Final Fantasy XV. It’s a trash game that should be forgotten and stripped of any association with the storied franchise.

That also goes for everyone looking forward to playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake without having touched the original. Sure, you’ll experience a version of FFVII, but not the true game. Instead, you’ll get a dumbed-down retelling made for a wider audience.

I’m talking about the older fans of the Final Fantasy series. Those that enjoy turn-based combat, job class systems, heroes of light, and crystals. Everything that Final Fantasy should be. That’s who Bravely Default II is for.

Bravely Default II Will Stomp Final Fantasy VII Remake
Yes, I’m really saying Bravely Default II is going to be better than this. | Source: Square Enix/YouTube
Final Fantasy VII Remake Won’t Even Have an End When It Launches
If Bravely Default II is anything like the other two games in the series, it’s going to be infinitely better than that Final Fantasy VII Remake also coming out next year.

First off, anyone that picks up BDII is actually going to get a full game to play. The Final Fantasy VII Remake is getting an episodic release that will string players along for years before they can finish it.

Bravely Default II is What Final Fantasy Should Be
Bravely Default II will be everything Final Fantasy VII Remake won’t be. | Source: Square Enix/YouTube
BDII Carries the Final Fantasy Torch Better Than Its Predecessor
Bravely Default II is going to be more like Final Fantasy than any other Final Fantasy game of late. It will have all the right tropes and know how to use them.

That’s a breath of fresh air, seeing as there hasn’t been a great Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy X came out back in 2001 on the PlayStation 2.

Final Fantasy has lost its way. The series has become more action-RPG than turn-based. It’s also left behind most of the tropes that made it what it was.

The wonder of adventure has gone missing, and replacing it are pretty visuals and poor storytelling. That’s not what Final Fantasy should be.

Luckily, Bravely Default II is going to fill the void that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will inevitably leave behind.

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